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This site provides information about FES Cycling (Functional Electrical Stimulation bikes) - and in particular the Hasomed, RehaMove 2 FES Cycling system.  Whether following Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Transverse Myelitis, MS, Parkinson's Disease or other neurological condition, the RehaMove systems offer the UK's best value solutions to long term health, fitness and well-being.

Research and clinical practice has shown the value of these systems and they are now frequently used by clients at home. We train our clients to use the technology safely and effectively. It's not necessary to become dependent on us for support.

Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd provide the assessments, products and support to use an FES bike effectively

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Dan Eley joins Anatomical Concepts in London

Derek Jones

 Dan Eley

Dan Eley

We are delighted that Dan Eley will attend and present for our Workshop at the Neurological Rehabilitation Therapy and Technology Expo, 12th & 13th June at the Excel, London.  Dan's story of dealing with spinal cord injury is both interesting and uplifting as it shows how you can have a remarkable life despite the challenges that come our way. 

Dan was as a charity worker with impoverished children in Latin America for two years before a diving accident in the Colombian Amazon left him paralysed from the chest.

After his injury Dan spent the next year in hospital, fighting for his life and facing up to the enormous emotional and physical challenges of being so severely paralysed.  During these difficult times he had the opportunity to meet other people with similar disabilities who had overcome extreme adversity to go on and achieve great things in life. This inspired him to pursue his dream of starting apprenticeship-style training schemes for children living in poverty in Colombia and Latin America. The Dan Eley Foundation is the realisation of that dream.

Dan is a client of our RehaMove FES system and can share his experience as a quadriplegic, having used the RehaMove from 6 months post injury to now 4 years post injury.

Dan was also told by his consultant "not to waste my life on physio".  Dan has shown how wrong even medical experts can be.  Using physiotherapy, technology and focused exercise has become an integral part of his routine but has by no means taken over his life. With a balanced lifestyle there is time to focus on both and be successful at both.  Dan has managed to build a varied and rewarding life with a spinal-cord injury - creating his own charity and travelling out to Colombia now 6 times in a wheelchair.

Dan's ambassadorial role with Spinal Research allows him to keep abreast of latest developments in the field. Like many other clients Dan understands the importance of keeping himself in the best physical condition possible in the event that a possible intervention comes round which will could bring more movement and feeling back to those living with spinal-cord injury. The RehaMove FES system has enabled him to maintain good muscle tone in nearly all his paralysed muscles as well as contributing greatly to cardiovascular functioning and also mental and emotional stimulation and well-being.  Dan says :-

One of the phrases I coined recently was that it is possible to live with hope and not in hope, which in my context means not investing all my energy and hope into a cure, but keeping an eye on latest developments and also making focused exercise a part of my daily routine, and not neglecting other opportunities and interests that make life fulfilling

Read about Dan here

and meet him at our Workshop in June