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This site provides information about FES Cycling (Functional Electrical Stimulation bikes) - and in particular the Hasomed, RehaMove 2 FES Cycling system.  Whether following Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Transverse Myelitis, MS, Parkinson's Disease or other neurological condition, the RehaMove systems offer the UK's best value solutions to long term health, fitness and well-being.

Research and clinical practice has shown the value of these systems and they are now frequently used by clients at home. We train our clients to use the technology safely and effectively. It's not necessary to become dependent on us for support.

Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd provide the assessments, products and support to use an FES bike effectively

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RehaMove FES Cycling

You know how it is.  Exercise is vital for everyone. With the right kind of exercise, recovery from illness and catastrophic injury is improved and you'll soon see we feel we can get life back on track.

FES Cycling with a RehaMove system is an effective way of keeping fit and exercising when, following a spinal cord injury, stroke, MS or other neurological challenge such as Parkinson's Disease or Transverse Myelitis, regular exercise is difficult to get.

This FES technology uses precise functional electrical stimulation to actively exercise the muscles of paralysed limbs. An FES bike improves circulation, eases spasms, strengthens muscles and much more. This is vital for long-term health for many people with limb paralysis and can be used safely at home.

The right kind of exercise helps you to achieve your full potential for rehabilitation. You can stop hoping and start training. Used safely and effectively at home by hundreds of clients in the UK.

This video shows the operation of a RehaMove 2 FES Cycling system. This system is used by hundreds of home-based clients and hospitals around the world to exercise following a spinal cord injury, stroke, or with MS and other neurological conditions

RehaMove 2 in use at Macclesfield General

If you like FES Cycling with RehaMove you might also like a related product - the TEK RMD (Robotic Mobilisation Device) from Matia Robotics. 

This is a new standing and mobility concept  from Matia Robotics now available in the UK and Ireland from Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd. 

RehaMove 2 FES Cycling system - used in hundreds of homes

The RehaMove 2 at the Gateway in Middlesborough

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The TEK RMD device brings practical, healthy standing and convenient indoor mobility to persons with paralysis.  A great use of robotics at an affordable price.

See our site at

Outside of the UK and Ireland go to

TEK RMD from MATIA Robotics

RehaMove Images & videos

RehaMove Images & videos

Supplies Store

Supplies Store

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Learn all about FES Cycling

Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd was founded in 1996 as a specialist rehabilitation technology and clinical service company. 

We have worked with the RehaMove FES Cycling system manufactured by Hasomed GmbH for seven years and we are proud to represent them exclusively in the UK and Ireland. The latest RehaMove 2 FES Cycling system is an excellent product with a comprehensive specification and a competitive price.  These products are configured by skilled professionals for each client - and then we aim to train you to achieve your personal fitness goals.
RehaMove for Legs

RehaMove for Legs

RehaMove for Arms and legs

RehaMove for Arms and legs

Powerful yet simple to use technology

Powerful yet simple to use technology

The FES unit can be used for a wide range of applications

The FES unit can be used for a wide range of applications

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Go to Supplies Store

You can now purchase high quality electrodes and supplies in our Store
FES RehaTrode Electrodes
from 9.00

One set of reusable, self-adhesive electrodes of good quality.  Supplied in a resealable packet. Electrodes are supplied attached to a thin sheet for storage. See handling instructions for maximum life. These are designed for use with the RehaMove FES Cycling system and the Standard Size are normally supplied with each system.

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