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This site provides information about FES Cycling (Functional Electrical Stimulation bikes) - and in particular the Hasomed, RehaMove 2 FES Cycling system.  Whether following Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Transverse Myelitis, MS, Parkinson's Disease or other neurological condition, the RehaMove systems offer the UK's best value solutions to long term health, fitness and well-being.

Research and clinical practice has shown the value of these systems and they are now frequently used by clients at home. We train our clients to use the technology safely and effectively. It's not necessary to become dependent on us for support.

Anatomical Concepts (UK) Ltd provide the assessments, products and support to use an FES bike effectively

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Can I use it?

Many persons with neurological conditions can benefit from RehaMove FES Cycling. There are relatively few absolute contraindications.  An assessment is the best way to understand what it can do for you.

You can almost certainly benefit from a RehaMove FES Cycling system if you have a spinal cord injury with intact lower motor neurons - whether sensory complete or incomplete. The technology is also extremely useful with MS, Stroke, Transverse Myelitis, Parkinson's Disease and other neurological conditions.

The best way to find out if you can use the RehaMove is to contact us or seek out one of our clinical partners.

As a first step we will ask you some questions to assess whether it will likely be safe and effective for you to use a RehaMove.

In general, persons who fulfil the following requirements can use FES Cycling effectively.
• Intact lower motor neuron lesions
• Joints that can move throughout the range needed for cycling
• Skin sensation that can tolerate surface electrodes
• No abnormalities in x-ray of legs
• Good general health
• Emotionally stable and realistic

Clients will adopt a RehaMove FES Cycling system to provide a means of exercise not otherwise possible - vital for long term health or recovery.

We know that in order to have a beneficial effect on the bones, muscles and cardiovascular system, exercise should involve working the larger muscles of the body against some form of resistance.  The RehaMove system is an easy, effective and safe way of activating these leg or arm muscles and achieving exercise related health benefits.  

It's simple to use - Sticky pads (electrodes) are placed over specific muscles.  The sophisticated control system delivers stimulation to the muscles of the leg in the right sequence and at the right time to develop muscle power.  At the push of a button the pedals start to rotate, the system detects the position of the crank arms, calculates the time at which each muscle needs to be stimulated and sends the correct stimulation impulses to the electrodes.  Thus it creates a fluent cycling or arm cranking movement. 

Over time, as the condition of the muscles improves, they will take a greater share of the effort required to work against resistance - producing a training effect.  The RehaMove system senses the contribution that a users muscles can make from moment to moment and automatically adjusts how hard the user is working – making up the difference with motor power.